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I worked for more than 9 years for the U.S. Government as a small purchase buyer. But my deeper interests were, how to help other people.
That´s why I went back to school to become a licenced Physical and Massage Therapist.

I passed my final exam sucessfully in 1999. Then, I worked in a orthopaedic and internistic Rehabilitation center in the black forest and in several local Practices.
Meanwhile I did many classes to extend my knowledge.
In 2006 I felt ready to open my own practice for Physical and Massage Therapy in Ramstein.
My goal for my practice is, to combine medical knowledge in a nice and relaxing
atmosphere with feng shui elements.
Each therapy we are offering, we did high quality further classes and spent much time, and money therefore.
Also my employees are all licenced and well trained Therapists.

Of course we are all english spoken.