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Official TriCare and SOS International Provider!


Back Massage -
massage of back, shoulders, neck, 30/45 Min.

Swedish Massage - full body deep tissue massage 45/60/90 min.

SPA Massage - relaxing full body massage 45/60/90 min.

Aroma Therapy Massage - Different kind aromatic oil used      
                                       30/45/60 min

Hot Stone Massage-
special deep tissue massage with hot basalt stones
                              30 Min, back 
                              60/90 Min, full body

Hand or Foot Massage - 20 min.

Head Massage - for those with migraines, 30 min.

Maternity Massage- 30/45 Min,

Colon Massage - special Massage Technique for digestion problems 15 Min

Medical Treatments:

Pain Management-
works for almost every kind of akute or chronical pain:
                                   f.ex: cervial, thoracal, lumbar pain, rheumatic pain, bone spur,
                            headaches, arthose pain, fibromyalgie
                            hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, etc.pain,

Physical Therapy-
for those with orthopaedic, neurological problems etc.
                           30 Min 

Dorn Therapy - a gentle manual technique for the spinal column. Vertebras are gently  realigned back to their normal position.

PNF - Special neurological technique that helps to facilate natural movement and upright posture, good for neurological and orthopedic problems 30 min.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage- special massagetechnique for lymphatic problems                                                  for swollen legs, during pregnancy,after surgery  
                                           30/45/60 Min
Kinesiological Taping- for pain relief and stabilisation
                                Indications: cervical, thoracal, lumbar spine syndromes,
                                headaches, knee, shoulder, elbow, hip, etc. injuries,
                                menstural discomfort, back pain during pregnancy
                                        A special application technique of a 100% cotton tape 
                                which has similar properties to those of the human skin.
                                Supports the body´s own healing proces.
                                Treatment is provided by a lic. K-Active Therapist

 Relaxing Treatments:

Reiki -
japanese method by Dr. M.Usui, Chakras get balanced and energized
           60 Min

for those who want to learn more

Reiki -
1st-3rd degree
          You learn how to give Reiki Energy to yourself and others.
          Prices upon request

Meditation Class -  you learn how to meditate, clean and balance your chakras
                            and how to ground yourself.
                            Also you learn where your chakras are located and what                                      meaning they have.
                            1 day, price upon request

Gift certificates available